Single Engine Aircraft For Sale UK

We stock a range of single engine piston planes to meet your plane ownership dreams and to suit a variety of requirements, be they for you or a small flying group. Our light aircraft sold here in the UK can be within easier reach than you think with finance options available.

The most common type of aircraft in General Aviation. Single engine piston planes can help you reach new heights and give you the freedom to go further and faster.

We have a range of available aircraft to suit your needs. If you don't see what you're looking for just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to find the perfect aircraft for you.

Single-Engine Aircraft For Sale

Cirrus Aircraft For Sale

Cirrus SR20, SR22 and SR22T single engine aircraft for sale in the UK with finance ready to fly away

In general aviation, very few aircraft can beat a nice new Cirrus for its style, speed and advanced avionics.

The popular SR20 is popular amongst aircraft group shares. The SR22 or SR22T turbo model providing extra range, speed and comforts for high flying individuals looking to get places fast and look great at the same time.

The full Cirrus range are a available for sale in the UK, Europe & USA.

Single Engine Planes For Sale

Cessna Aeroplanes For Sale UK

Cessna 172 for sale along with Cessna 150, 152 and Cessna 182, 206 available in the UK for sale

Cessna aircraft are the first planes many private pilots will learn to fly in. Popular affordable training and hour building aircraft available for sale in the UK are Cessna 150 Aerobat and Cessna 152 models.

For those looking for a bit of extra speed or to carry more passengers, affordable Cessna 172 Skyhawk models are available, alongside more powerful counterparts like the Cessna 182 Skylane and Cessna 205/206/207 series.

Single Engine Planes For Sale

Piper Aircraft For Sale

Piper aircraft for sale in the UK. Buy Piper Warrior, Archer & Arrow single-engine aeroplanes

Piper are a major manufacturer of light aircraft for uses from basic training, right through to advanced commercial pilot training and operations. 

Commonly you'll find PA28 Warrior, Archer and Arrow models being flown around the UK. For training the Piper PA38 Tomahawk is a popular choice for many flying schools. The Piper Cub (left) is an iconic tail-wheel option for those looking for more vintage aircraft. 

What Piper plane do you want to own next? Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to get one ready for a demo flight.

Single Engine Planes For Sale

Aeroplanes For Sale In The UK

Depart Right have a range of affordable planes for private individuals, aircraft group shares and even for flying schools. We take care of the sale from start to the point you're taking off for the first time in your new plane.

Although UK based, we are able to deliver your aircraft to you anywhere in Europe and even further afield as part of your purchase. Simply get in touch if there is any aircraft you want and we'll do the hard work getting one ready and delivered to you.

Single Engine Planes For Sale

Finance For Your Used Plane

Easy aircraft finance puts owning your next light aircraft in easy reach. With fast and easy decisions, we can help you to arrange the finance for your plane you need so you can fly away in your private single-engine plane much sooner than you think. If it's aircraft group finance, we can help your small group arrange the finance it needs, so you can enjoying flying in the aircraft your group really wants.

Other Types Of Aircraft For Sale

If you're torn between owning a small single engine plane, a multi-engine or even a jet, we'll help you find the plane you really desire. If you're thinking of taking that jump into helicopters too, buying one can be one of the most affordable ways to carry out your helicopter pilot training and leave you with the freedom to go pretty much anywhere you please.