Luxury Personal & Private Business Jets For Sale UK

Get around the globe when you want with a personal private jet aircraft and move important staff around in a business jet. Depart Right will source any specific type of personal jet or private jet that you may need to save you time.

When you need a plane to get somewhere urgently, owning a personal jet aircraft or a luxury private business jet gives you the ultimate freedom to get wherever you need to be, whenever you want to be there.

Our team will cater for your exact needs. Let us know a few details about the aircraft you are looking for and we'll source the perfect jet aircraft that meets your exact requirements.

Luxury Personal Jet Aircraft For Sale

Cirrus Aircraft For Sale

Cirrus SF50 Private Personal Jet Aircraft for sale in the UK 2-DRDR owned by Dr Christopher King

Gone are the days where a private jet is exclusive to a handful of billionaires and large global corporate companies. Increasingly more people are able to own a personal jet aircraft such as the superb Cirrus Vision SF50 private Jet and the Cessna M2.

Buy A Corporate Business Jet Plane

Cessna Aeroplanes For Sale UK

Small and Large luxury private business jets for corporate companies sold in the UK

Private business jets are often owned by large global companies and for high net worth individuals who need longer range and to carry more people everywhere they go. If its a Cessna Citation X or Embraer Legacy 600, you'll be able to go even further and faster in these luxury private jets.

Luxury Private Jets For Sale In The UK

Here at Depart Right we'll go that extra mile for you. If there is a specific aircraft you need, we will locate it for you and have it ready for a viewing and sale.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that you get exactly what private jet you really want and can even go as far as finding you pilots to fly the aircraft for you if that's what you'd like.

To discuss our private jet sourcing services and discuss your requirements, get in touch with us today and we'll start getting things moving for you.

Finance For Your Private Jet

Even big corporates and billionaires prefer to finance part of their private jet purchases to free up their capital for other ventures. We have a range of available finance sources that are suited for private jet owners. Let us know when you get in touch with us and we'll start getting finance solutions ready for you while we source your aircraft. 

Other Types Of Aircraft For Sale

There are a range of affordable and fast ways to get around. Jet aircraft are great for taking several people or for longer journeys when you need to get there fast. Helicopters give you that extra freedom to land pretty much anywhere, including in your garden and single-engine or multi-engine piston aircraft are a great choice too.